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About Us


Our company consists of a group of entrepreneurs well known worldwide for their shipping activities in agency & support , husbanding services , ship scrap dealing and most of all dedication to perfection and customer support 24/7 . PROODOS LTD a reputable company based in Piraeus established back in the late 40’s took over the Perama , Piraeus based yard and in a major take over it was renamed MED SHIPYARD LTD the total 60000 m2

MED SHIPYARD LTD in cooperation with the famous LAMDA Nafs Shipyards and Μ&ΜSA managed to undertake and successfully deliver some of the best contracts in the region such as :

• Built – Maintenance - Reconstruction and extensive repairs took place to some of the world's most famous mega yachts .

• Repair of the platform for oil ring pump at Thasos island, Northern Greece (Rumanian «ATLAS» )

• Repairs to the ships of the 6th Fleet of the U.S. Navy

• • Construction of the largest yacht, wholly built in Greece of naval aluminium .

• For the past 4 years we offer maintenance services to the Hellenic Navy

• • Our recent project is a Floating Pontoon and the reconstruction of a TUG BOAT

• • Floating construction, floating crane, barge, floating tank, tug

• Passenger vessels, cargo vessels, tanker vessels, ro-ro vessels, mini LPG and luxury motor yachts , fast crew boats.

MED SHIPYARD LTD is a dynamic company, and our technical staff have vast experience of building new ships in various yards in Europe and Asia and includes Naval Architects, Marine Engineers , Ship engineers, Site Engineers, Chief Engineers and Masters, Electrical and Mechanical Technicians, Welders, Steelworkers, Painters with varied and extensive experience in shipbuilding : Tankers, Offshore Vessel, Drilling Rigs, Ro-RO, Port-Containers, Bulk-carriers.

We provide expert supervision and working teams for all the aspects of the shipbuilding: Hull, Paint, Outfitting and Machinery and due to our mobility, experience and professionalism, we believe that we are the ideal partner for any client that is looking for an experienced, efficient and cost effective solution in Shipbuilding Industry for both Shipyards and Owners sides.

Our primary responsibility is to provide an efficient, cost effective and quality service to our customers.

We guarantee construction time maximum 1 year for specialized vessels up to 70mtrs

We put safety on top, trace down the root problem in order to give solution not explanation thru continuous professional self development of our employers .Company procedures comply with international industry requirements in order to secure good and safe vessels operation. (ISO)

Our Clients have first priority in all actions, and it is the intention to secure best possible co-operation and satisfy their demands. To meet these requests the Company has a well-educated, dynamic organization, which is 24 hours global connected to business.

We look forward to work with you , meet with you and discuss your future project taking under consideration that most of our products are service-oriented which help our customer to succeed in today competitive marketplace and include complete packages: design, survey and production.



Its Staff & Management

Ship Repairs

Our shipyard handles all shipbuilding & repair services, as well as upgrading vessels' of our clients. We offer our clients the best prices & services, including "our running projects' progress reports".